Our goal

Our goal

We make the complex path of business easier.

We build a relationship of complete trust with our clients and help them invest and operate with fewer worries in Bulgaria and abroad. In practice, we support them by providing the administrative services, that every business needs, to be operated effectively. Our services consist of incorporation of companies and trust supervision, accounting services and tax consulting, audit of financial statements and other agreed - upon procedures, staff administration and payroll management.

Among our clients are small, medium and large - sized enterprises in the country and abroad, which operate in almost all economic sectors. We believe in the power of ethical trade to create peace, benevolence and prosperity. We are proud of our role in assisting clients to invest, and drive employment and economic growth.

Despite the support of modern technologies, our people and their knowledge are at the centre of our activity. We know, that every professional grows only in a dynamic and challenging, environment, an environment that stimulates and develops their potential and intellect.

Our vision

Some of the most complex economic sectors are also the most interesting. Dynamically changing regulations and global changes in economic, political and ethical terms increase the challenge.

Our values

Thirst for knowledge


Custom care for our clients

Support of initiative and talent